Propeller Guard

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  • A must-have addition for new pilots
  • Helps prevent propeller or aircraft damage
  • Perfect for when flying near other objects
  • Tough and highly reliable
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Adds additional element of safety
  • In the box

    Dobby Drone

    QC 2.0 Power Adaptor - AU Version

    USB Cable - Type C

    USB Type C to Micro USB adaptor

    Battery Charging Cradle

    Battery - 970mAH 7.6V



    The world's first intelligent drone that fits in your pocket.

    DOBBY can takes-off from and lands in the palm of your hand - automatically

    Inbuilt tutorials for beginners, you'll get the hang of professional drone flying in 5 minutes

    By using digital image stabilisation technology, Dobby can remove any unwanted shake and capture stabilised footage.

    Equiped with FOLLOW SNAP 2.0 technology, Dobby can follow a moving object or person by selecting on the Do.Fun APP.

    Facial Recognition can scan and remember the facial features quickly and locks onto that person.

    The orbit function allows Dobby to circle an object or person whilst filming.

    13 Million Pixels Sensor - 4K Image acquisition - 1080P Full HD digital video

    Allows for single-shot photos, burst shots and timed photos

    Provide a professional video track method when filming

    GPS+GLONASS Dual satellite positioning systems and AGPS function means instant positioning during outdoor flight

    Dobby can withstand wind speeds up to 28km/h

    Share your VISION on social websites with just one click

    Able to hover accurately both indoors and outdoors.

    2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band Wi-Fi link